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About Us

CTO Enterprises manufactures Superior Truck Tarps.

1978, we are the leader in the custom manufacturing of flexible “drop-in” tank liners for metal finishing and chemical containment. We grew and expanded into other product lines and larger facilities.

Today, we occupy 18,000 square feet of clean and modern industrial space in Mokena, Illinois, where we manufacture a large variety of custom industrial plastic products.

We are located south of I-80 on Route 45, about 35 miles southwest of Chicago.

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Meet The Team

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Our Mission

CTO Enterprises Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to seek and honor Jesus Christ in everything we do; and to treat our employees, customers, and suppliers as we would like to be treated.

Core Values:

1.  People are our most valuable asset and will be treated as such.  This means:

A. We will make every effort to hire the RIGHT people for the job.  We believe the right people have the following characteristics:

a. A desire to do good work and help others
b. Eager to learn new skills
c. Willing to admit mistakes and learn from them and share that knowledge with others
d. More concerned with team accomplishments than individual accolades
d. Dependable, trustworthy, and with the highest integrity

B. Relationships are valued and cultivated among all employees with frequent and meaningful two-way communication.  We encourage and expect improvement suggestions from all employees, and we will provide clear communication on how we are doing and expectations for the future.

C. When the company is doing well, all employees will share in the fruit of our labor.

D. Our goal is to provide MEANINGFUL WORK to as many people as possible so they can build their future, provide for their families, and give back to God a portion of what they have been blessed with.

2. We take pride in providing outstanding products that help our customers take care of their customers.  This means:

A. We are more concerned about the well-being of our customers businesses than we are about selling them something.  We will carefully listen for what they need and we will only offer a product if it will truly help their business.  If we think they can find something better elsewhere, we will tell them.

B. We will work hard to be on the cutting edge of industry trends, technology innovation, and new materials in order to provide the best possible product and advice for our customers.

C. We will seek to develop long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.   We believe that a life-long relationship built on trust and respect is more valuable than meeting the day’s sales target.

D. We will never knowingly ship a product that does not meet the customers’ expectations.

3. We believe that the products and services we offer our customers are only as good as the product and service we can get from our suppliers.  This means:

A. We will continuously search for the best suppliers in the industry to insure we are providing the best products for our customers.

B. Long-term mutually beneficial relationships are valued and intentionally pursued with our suppliers.

C. We will not play one supplier against another, and we will never change suppliers based solely on price.

4.  We believe that the character of our company is more important than financial results – however, financial results do matter.  We will be good stewards of all that God has entrusted us with, and we will support the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ with the first fruits of our business.